Guadalupe Murillo Moreno - Solidaridad Sin Fronteras

Guadalupe has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Psychology (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). She has been working several years on projects focused on the social and professional integration of elderly and young people, adults, immigrants, homeless and people with drug abuse problems. She has work experience as trainer, vocational counsellor, intercultural mediator and therapeutic attendant. She has participated in different European projects, carrying out several investigations and training programmes related to upskilling competences of migrant population.

Olesea Balan – VHS Cham

Teaching Degree for German and English (State Pedagogical University, Chisinau) and Master Degree in European Studies (University of Regensburg). She has large teaching experience for German as a foreign language with groups of different ages and low- skilled migrant learners. She has experience in developing innovative didactic/methodological approaches and materials in adult language teaching. Since 2016 she has been managing European projects in the field of vocational and adult education at VHS Cham, which foster also integration and social participation of migrants and refugees in the German society.

Eva Salomonova – VHS Cham

Master Degree in German and Polish Philology (Palacy-University, 2000). From 1999-2000 teacher of second language of German and Czech language in Olomouc (CZ) and in Cham (DE) for adult learners and young learners with migration background. Since 2008 she has been language teacher for German language for foreign learners at the education centre Cham VHS Cham. She has also experience in preparation language teaching materials for German language.

Aleksandra Sikorska – VHS Cham

Master Degree in Sociology of Culture, she has experience in information and vocational guidance for various target groups: young learners, migrant learners and adult learners. She has also experience in preparation of teaching materials and provision of trainings, workshops in the field of communication, train the trainer in adult education, intercultural competences and capacity building. Her expertise is built on working experience in vocational and adult education in Poland, Germany.

Dimitris Sotirchos - Second Chance School of Assos - Lechaio

Dimitris is the Director of the Second Chance School of Assos - Lechaio. He has a Master degree in Agriculture and Postgraduate Studies in Environment and development. With over 15 year experience in adult education, he is teaching environmental literacy in order to provide students with the ability to understand, analyze and influence the course of environmental issues. He is teaching environmental issues and participates in workshops and projects.

Konstantina Pista - Second Chance School of Assos - Lechaio

Konstantina is an experienced Vice Principal and Teacher in adult education (IT Literacy), with a long term experience in the writing and editing industry. She is skilled in Educational Technology, Instructional Design, Curriculum Development, Presentation Skills, and Public Speaking. Information technology professional with a BA in computer science and a Master's degree focused in Creative Writing from the University of West Macedonia, she has 12 years of experience in adult education and has participated in a Grundtvig project named IDEAL.

Georgia Antonopoulou - Second Chance School of Assos - Lechaio

Georgia is an Environmental Scientist holding a Master of Science Degree in Environmental and Ecological Engineering from University of the Aegean. She also holds a Pedagogical Adequacy, as she has graduated from School of Pedagogical and Technological Education. Georgia is an experienced Environmental Educator with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry. Skilled in Preapproval procedure of Environmental Impact Studies and Assessments for several activities, Sustainable Development, Environmental Project Planning and Organization, Environmental Issues, Chemical Analysis, Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment techniques. She speaks Greek, English, French, and a little bit Italian and Spanish. She often participates in seminars for her personal development and has a volunteer action in NGOs (such as Ecomobility Campaign). She is an active member at the Union of Environmental Scientists of Greece.

Eleni Koutsoukou - Second Chance School of Assos - Lechaioo

Eleni was born in Kalamata, Greece in 1983. She is a graduate of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Management of the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus and she holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science of the University of Peloponnese. From October 2007 to February 2019, she worked at the Technological Educational Institute of Peloponnese as a laboratory assistant. From March 2010 to June 2010, she worked at the Second Chance School of Sparta as a teacher of Computer Science. Also, she worked at the Lifelong Learning Center of Municipality of Pylos - Nestor, as an Οperational Μanager. Since February 2007 she is working at the Vocation Training Institute of Kalamata where she is a teacher of Computer Science. Since December 2017 she has been working at the Second Chance School of Assos-Lechaio in Korinthos where she teaches Computer Science.

Aimilia Chrysanthou - Second Chance School of Assos - Lechaio

Aimilia teaches Greek Language to adults in the Second Chance School Assou-Lehaiou since 2005.

Marco Brigaglia - Università degli studi di Palermo

Marco is a researcher in Philosophy of Law at The University of Palermo, Italy. He obtained his Ph.D. in 2005, with a thesis on the international regulation of armed conflicts. His current research interests are focused on the theory of norms, the psychology of normative reasoning, the relation between law and power. Since 2014 he is member of the board of professors of the PhD Program in Human Rights, Department of Law, University of Palermo.

Lucia Barbera - CPIA Palermo 1

Lucia has a degree in classical literature (University of Palermo, 2004). From 2006 to 2014, she has been high school teacher of Latin and Greek language and literature; from 2015 middle school teacher of Italian language, history and geography, more specifically teacher for adult students and minors with migration background in CPIA Palermo 1. In 2001 and 2002 she partecipated in mobility programmes for cultural exchange (Peru) and adult traineeship (Spain).

Anna Germana Bucca - CPIA Palermo 1

Anna has a degree in Italian Language and Literature, PhD in Philosophy of Language (University of Palermo, 1998; 2014). From 2007 she has been teaching italian language, history and geography in sicilian middle schools; from 2017 she is a teacher for adult students and minors with migration background in CPIA Palermo. In 2001-2007 she carried out voluntary activities for foreign people in Arci center in Catania. She has a long experience in intercultural field and in educational activities for young people in Mediterranean area.

Alessandra Curcio - CPIA Palermo 1

Alessandra graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature from the University of Palermo in 1998. She started working in public schools in 2002, first with middle school children, then with Italian adults, about 70 km south of Palermo. From 1998 to 2002 she was a volunteer for AFS/Intercultura, a non-profit educational organization, promoting intercultural learning through student exchanges since 1955. In 2008 she moved to Palermo where she began to work with adult immigrants, teaching Italian as a second language. She attended training courses, studied individually to develop theoretical and practical skills necessary to work as a L2 Italian teacher.

Marta Di Mariano - CPIA Palermo 1

Marta has a degree in Modern Literature (University of Palermo), PhD in Cultural Anthropology (University of Sassari); she carried out fieldworks in the area of Anthropology, Ethnochoreology and Intercultural Studies. Accredited teacher in italian language, history and geography, she worked from several years in CPIA Palermo 1, a state school for adult italian and foreing students, minors with migration background. Performer and trainer in different kinds of dance, with focus on Tangotherapy and cooperation with hospitals.

Giorgia Listì - CPIA Palermo 1

Giorgia is a qualified teacher with a degree in Classics from the University of Palermo and a Masters in Pedagogy from the University of Rome (Roma III); she’s currently studying for a Specialist Masters degree in Italian Studies at the University of Palermo. She teaches evening classes in Italian, History, Geography and Civic Engagement at CPIA Palermo 1, where she also coordinates the didactic program.

Caterina Micalizzi - CPIA Palermo 1

Caterina has a degree in architecture (University of Palermo, 1994), PhD in Agricultural and Forestry Arboreal Systems (2011). She has a master in Specific learning disorders (2012). From 2013 to 2017 she has worked in the “Politeama” school in Palermo as part of the staff for technological innovation and the school's digital atelier (training, professional updating, didactic planning and Erasmus+ planning); she held the position of Referent for inclusion. From 2003 to 2008 she was a professor at the Faculty of Literature - University of Palermo – Department of Science and Technology of Fashion & Arts. From 1996 to 2000 she has taught at ESAD (Escola Superior de Artes e Design) in Oporto, (Portugal). She has published 14 books and numerous articles on the history of art and history of architecture.

Maria Grazia Tornabene - CPIA Palermo 1

Maria Grazia has a master degree in Foreign languages and literatures (University of Palermo, 1982), PhD in English and Anglo-American studies (University of Catania, 2010). She has been a teacher of English and German from 1983 to 1987; teacher of English language in middle schools from 1988 to 2001; teacher of English language to Italian adults and foreign migrants since 2001 up to now. She has a long experience with specialized languages.

Grazia Ilardo - CPIA Palermo 2

Grazia has a University degree in Foreign languages and literatures (Palermo University, 1991). In 2000 she obtained the teaching qualification in English language. She has attended post-graduated courses in: foundations of didactics (1991/1992); elements of didactics of foreign languages (1992/1993); learning and development of foreign languages (2005/2006). From school year 1997/1998 to school year 2017/2018 she taught English language in lower and upper secondary schools. Since 1st september 2018 she has been teaching English language at “CPIA Palermo 2” (Provincial Centre for Adult Education and Training) in Termini Imerese (PA) – Italy.

Marianna Leta - CPIA Palermo 2

Marianna has a bachelor’s degree in Literature, Music and Entertainment. She obtained a specialist degree in Italian language and culture in language contact situations, and a master in Italian language as a non-native language. From 2012 to 2013 she taught Italian as a second language to Erasmus students at the Italian language school for foreigners, in Palermo. From 2014 to 2016 she taught Italian in lower secondary schools of the suburbs of Palermo. From 2017 she has been involved in the “AALI” sector (literacy and learning of Italian language) at CPIA Palermo 2 in Termini Imerese. Since 2013 she has been interested in the dynamics of migration.

Roberta Compagno - CPIA Palermo 2

Roberta has a master’s degree in Modern literature. In 2008 she obtained a master in Language Sciences and Didactics of Italian language as a postgraduate degree. In 2010 she got a biennial specialization diploma in psycho-pedagogical methodologies of teaching-learning management in the didactic field. In 2011 she attended a district training course organized by the OTP-Area observatory on the phenomenon of school drop-out and for the promotion of educational success and networks for priority education. She got a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology in 2011. Between 2009 and 2018 she has taught Italian, History and Geography in lower secondary schools. Since 1st September 2018 she has been teaching Italian at CPIA Palermo 2.

Giuliana Solaro - CPIA Palermo 2

Giuliana has a master’s degree in Pedagogy (Palermo, 1991). She obtained the teaching qualification in History and Geography, Italian language and literature, Citizenship education. From school year 1998/1999 to school year 2015/2016 she taught Italian, History and Geography both in lower and upper secondary schools. Since 1st September 2016 she has been teaching at CPIA Palermo 2 (Provincial Centre for Adult Education and Training).

Paola Scirè - CPIA Palermo 1

Paola has a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature (University of Palermo, 1987). She has been teacher of English language in middle schools from 1991 to 1998 (Palermo). She teaches English language and Italian as a second language to Italian adults and foreign migrants since 1999 (CPIA PA 1). She attended training courses to develop skills necessary to teach Italian as a second language (L2).

Maria Teresa Vacca - CPIA Palermo 2

Maria Teresa has a Master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences. In 1998/99 she taught Ecology, Chemistry, Accounting and Botany at the Professional state institute for Agriculture and the Environment in Bisacquino (Palermo). From school year 1999/2000 to school year 2013/2014 she taught technology in lower secondary schools. In 2008 she obtained the teaching qualification in Technology. Since 1st September 2015 she has been teaching technology at CPIA Palermo 2 in Termini Imerese, where she mainly deals with literacy of migrants. After attending a 1,500-hour-course, in July 2018 she obtained a master in organization/management of school institutions in multicultural contexts (Palermo University). In 2019 she attended the master course “Learning Italian L2. Adult migrants with low levels of schooling”.

Giuseppina Calò - CPIA Palermo 2

Giuseppina has a University degree in Foreign languages and literatures (Palermo, 1991). In 2000 she obtained the teaching qualification in English and German languages. She attended post-graduated courses “Didactics of foreign languages and new technologies” (2008) and “New migrants, new didactics” (2016). She started her teaching career at the CTP (Permanent Centre for Adult Education) of Caccamo (Palermo) in 1999. From school year 2001/2002 to school year 2013/2014 she taught foreign languages (mainly English) in both lower and upper secondary schools of the metropolitan city of Palermo. In the school year 2014/15 she was newly involved in the field of lifelong learning, teaching basic German to adults at the CTP of Termini Imerese. Starting from September 2015, she has been teaching to young and adult migrants (most of them coming from African countries), at CPIA Palermo 2 (ex CTP).

Giacomo Tinnirello - CPIA Palermo 1

Giacomo has a degree in Architecture (University of Palermo, 1982), he's specialized in Urbanistic studies and Environment Protection. He's included in the ranking list of Project manager and Works director in Protection of Environment and Architectural Goods; he's included in the ranking list of technical directors and architects at Sicilian regional Department of Architectural and Cultural Goods. He achieved Master in Learning Disabilities (University of Palermo, 1996). He’s a teacher of technology from 1986, teacher at CPIA PA1 from 1999 (prison school section). He has been in charge of CTP direction (permanent territorial center, previous at Cpia), from 1999 to 2004. Now, he is the coordinator of the prison school for minors Malaspina, inside CPIA.

Maria Antonietta Mandalà - CPIA Palermo 1

Maria Antonietta has a degree in Geological Science (University of Palermo, 1996); she collaborated at applied geology studies in Palermo for geognostical and hydrogeological researches (1998-2002). From 1996 to 2002, she was a volunteer of a no profit organization of Civil Protection as a member of the National Technical Scientific Commission. She attended a two years course in the School of Specialization for Secondary School Teachers, University of Palermo. Since 2000 she has been teaching Mathematics and Science. She taught for many years in the Italian Schools abroad (Eritrea, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Lybia, Turkey). In 2012 she moved back to Palermo where she began to work with adults (CTP, CPIA). She continues to refine her educational techniques thanks to numerous training courses.

Clelia Bartoli – Università degli studi di Palermo

Cleali is a researcher at the Law Department of the University of Palermo, where she teaches "legal ethics”, "human rights" and "methodology for legal education". She was formerly a teacher in the adult education sector. The fields of her studies are: migrations; racism, in particular institutional discrimination; strategies for social inclusion, participative processes and urban regeneration; legal clinical education. She is member of the board of the Ph.D. in "Human Rights. Evolution, protection and limits” of the University of Palermo. She is co-founder of the Cledu, a clinical legal clinic for human rights specialized in migration and asylum law where she develops the street law programs. With a group of young refugees, she founded "Giocherenda", a start-up company that creates cooperative games. She invented the experimental educational program "Polipolis" for unaccompanied foreign minors implemented in "CPIA Palermo 1". She served as expert at the Ministry for Integration (2013/2014).

Santina Di Francesca - CPIA Palermo 2

Santina has a master’s degree in Modern Literature (2003). She got a master in didactics of Italian in 2008 and in 2009 obtained the teaching qualification in history, geography, Italian language and literature. From 2006 to 2015 she taught Italian, history and geography in lower secondary schools. Since 2016 she has been teaching Italian as a second language at CPIA Palermo 2, in Termini Imerese (PA). According to a national program AMIF (Fund for asylum, migration and integration), in 2017 she held an Italian language course for foreigners (level b1 of the CEFR).

Susana Astiaso Marin - Guaranì

Susana is the teacher in charge of the Spanish teaching area. She coordinates different groups of migrant learners of different levels and two groups of unaccompanied minors. She includes in her classes intercultural learning models and adopts the andragogy approach. She coordinates the development of the didactic tools edited by Guaranì and SSF.

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