The platform is an innovative and accessible teaching and learning tool. It complies with the needs of the adult student: it is flexible, participatory and stimulating. It allows the freedom to experiment pedagogical approaches based on multimedia (images, video, audio), interconnection (wiki section) and immediate updating of teaching materials, all requiring only an internet connection and a generic browser. is the place where:

  • teachers can find the didactic material to support their lessons;
  • students are able to carry out their distance learning;
  • the confrontation on the pedagogical theory and the exchange of good practices can take place.

This platform allows free access to teaching materials to promote distance learning (FAD) and also allows the participatory implementation of materials according to an Open Source / Open Content spirit. Consequently, the resources stored by can be:

  • freely copied and used;
  • modified or integrated in order to enrich and improve the information offered.

Besides, the platform hosts an e-learning section where a set of videos and exercises are uploaded for each key competence. These video-lessons:

  • adopt the peer education methodology
  • enable mobile learning
  • are labeled with competence, language, level and subject
  • are multilingual and subtitled
  • provide exercises and assessments.

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