E-learning Course


The life needs of an adult person are often not compatible with an assiduous frequency of educational programs on site. This difficulty is even more serious for the migrant population which, by choice or by necessity, must often face temporary or permanent displacements. In developing this output, Key-Co System has considered some of the "European priorities in the national context", in particular two: digital training and the creation of a welcoming environment for learning and teaching, both aimed at a migrant target.
Therefore, an educational system for adults with a high presence of migrants needs to be supported, not only by teaching materials to be used in the presence, but also by a repertoire of distance learning units.

This platform hosts an e-learning section where a set of videos and exercises are uploaded for each key competence. These video-lessons:

- adopt the peer education methodology
- enable mobile learning
- are labeled with competence, language, level and subject
- are multilingual and subtitled
- provide exercises and assessments.

Start your course and develop with us the eight key competences!

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