Adult education in Europe has very different profiles from country to country. In order to face this heterogeneity, Key-Co System project undertakes an action of integration and harmonization of adult education paths as a way to increase employment opportunities, mobility and economic development of adults, especially migrants, and to favour at the same time a more inclusive and cohesive society.


Key-Co System aims to strengthen educational and empowerment paths of migrant adult learners and to update and develop innovative practices among teachers, educators and organizations operating in the adult education field.


Key-Co System is engaged in implementing

  • a research paper on Multilingualism
  • didactic tools for the development of the eight key competences indicated by the EU Commission and designed in blended-learning
  • this e-learning platform, where to find open-source/content tools, download e-learning modules and share ideas and practices on intercultural andragogy
  • good practices exchanges among organizations dealing with adult education

Main targets

Key-Co System works on creating a methodology and shared contents targeting

  • teachers and educators involved in migrant adult education
  • migrant adults and refugees attending educational pathways

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