Luglio 29, 2020

LifeComp: the European Framework for Personal, Social and
Learning to learn Key Competence

Through the development of several digital tools, Key-Co System project aims at fostering the adult migrants' learning process of the eight key competences and one of them is the "LifeComp".
Settembre 18, 2019

Key-Co System training course in Cham, Germany

From 23th to 27th September, the second training course developed by Key-Co System project will be held in Cham, Germany. Teachers and educators working in the field of adult education of migrants will take part to a 5-day seminar hosted by the German organization Volkshochschule Im Landkreis Cham e.v. (VHS Cham).
Settembre 4, 2019

Choose Question Type

Choose Question Type When creating a new quiz question, one of the first things you’ll want to do is choose your question type. LearnDash offers the […]
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