Centro Provinciale per l’istruzione degli Adulti

CPIA Palermo 1 is a public school responding to the need to strengthen practices and tools concerning the education of adults, young adults, NEETs and drop-outs.

The CPIA's specific purpose is to provide lifelong learning and make it accessible to everyone in order to foster economic growth and personal enrichment of people.

CPIA 1 is an organization strongly linked to the territory.

The CPIA has gathered within itself the adult education centers previously located in different schools in Palermo. As such, it is active throughout the municipal and extra-municipal area from 1 September 2015.

During the last years, the users who attend CPIA courses in Palermo have greatly changed. We have moved from adult users to a mixed public, not only in terms of age but also in terms of needs.

Up to school year 2017/18, foreigners, both long-term residents and migrants recently arrived in Palermo, have constituted at least 90% of the users in some territorial areas: among these, Unaccompanied Foreign Minors, drop-outs and pupils who have completed the sixteenth year of age. For all users it is essential to find a welcoming environment and alternative learning paths to ordinary routes.

Currently, our school welcomes about 3800 people, but the number of students is increasing: many adults migrant have joined the paths of literacy and Italian language (A2 level of CEFR) for the achievement of the middle school diploma, and the two years of high school/professional field.

Students attend school in 9 structures spread on the metropolitan area and in the hinterland, plus 3 structures in prison locations.

During the years, there are usually 4 or 5 sessions of literacy, A2 level and 2 sessions  for the achievement of the middle school diploma. Although many people don't complete their path, the number of certifications released is relevant: during the last 3 years, almost 1500 people achieved the middle school diploma and the same number achieved the A2 Italian language certification.


Website: https://www.cpiapalermo1.gov.it

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