Centro Provinciale per l’istruzione degli Adulti – Palermo 2

On 1ST September 2015, under Presidential Decree No. 263 of 2012, CPIA Palermo 2 was officially established. CPIA offers formal and non-formal educational opportunities to youth and adults - both Italians and migrants - with the goal of developing skills connected to work and social life, and to assist entry into the formal educational and training system.    

CPIA Palermo 2 - with its complex logistic organizational structure - represents a network of associated school institutions spread all over the western Sicilian territory and belonging to the Metropolitan City of Palermo (Bagheria, Castellana Sicula, Cefalù, Corleone, Monreale and their connected operating seats). The central administrative seat is located in the municipality of Termini Imerese. The teaching staff consists of 69 members. The Headmaster is Mrs. Patrizia Graziano. 

The main objective of CPIA is to spread culture in all its forms and to promote integration and tolerance. It offers functional literacy courses and courses for foreigners’ linguistic and social integration. By attending CPIA First Teaching Period, it is possible to get a Middle School Diploma, equivalent to the first level of the European Qualification Framework (EQF).

At the end of the two-year-Second Teaching Period, students can access the job market and/or join a high school of the CPIA network to earn a high school diploma or a vocational training certificate.

In the current school year 2018-2019 CPIA has become an examination centre for CELI certification, which recognizes the level of linguistic-communicative ability in Italian as L2. The certificate is issued by the University for Foreigners in Perugia. 

CPIA is currently involved in both National and European projects, the latter including ERASMUS KA104 - Adult Education - Staff Mobility and KA204 - Strategic Partnership - Adult Education - Key Co System.

 As for the National ones, they can be summarized as follows:

  1. Ministerial Decree 851/2017
  • “Training and updating of teachers and school staff”
  • Edufin Project”( Financial Education of Adults)


  1. Ministerial Decree 663/2016
    • 28, paragraph 2 (b), Section 5.18 “C.R.R.S.S. in Sicily” (Construction of Adult Profiles)
    • 28, paragraph 2 (a), Section 2 (b5) “Planning the PTOF (three-year-Educational Offer Plan)”
    • 28, paragraph 2 (a), Section 3B.1 (c) “Implementation of libraries in penal and preventive institutions”


  1. “EDUCATION IN PENAL INSTITUTIONS” - National plan of interventions concerning Education in prison


  • O.N. (National Operating Program financed by Structural Funds) [...]10.3.1B-FSE PON 51-2017   -  Courses addressed to Adults attending CPIA Institutions

Starting from the current school year 2018-2019, under the Art.7, paragraph 2 of the Legislative Decree of 13th April 2017, Vocational Education and Training will become institutional for Cpia Palermo 2. In partnership with the Region Sicily, CPIA will involve local organizations in promoting training courses, suitable to meet labour market demands.

The specific sectors CPIA will focus on are the following ones:


  • Building
  • Agriculture
  • Agro-food processing
  • Tourist services and reception
  • Restaurant business


  • (EQF)

The recently opened CPIA school building in Termini Imerese is an innovative one in terms of new technologies, didactic tools and laboratories provided. It is conceived as a sort of “open school”, in which personalized courses are guaranteed, based on students’ individual needs, requirements and cognitive styles. The activity is developed through modular didactic paths and learning units. Interviews and incoming tests are aimed at checking students’ skills in formal, non-formal and informal learning contexts. Students are requested to sign individual Learning Agreements. Most students attending CPIA Pa2 are migrants, especially coming from African and Asian countries.

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